Wednesday, 23 January 2013

UN condemns rocket launch, North Korea defiant

Seoul: A day after a United Nations resolution condemned North Korea’s ballistic missile launch, defiant North Korea reportedly lashed back saying that it will strengthen its military defenses.
On Wednesday, a resolution calling Pyongyang's recent rocket launch as a violation of a ban against nuclear and missile activity was adopted in UNSC .
Soon after, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry issued the statement stating the country will enhance its nuclear capabilities, as per agency report.

The Foreign Ministry called the launch a peaceful bid to send a satellite into space rather than a test of long-range missile technology. It said North Korea "should counter the US hostile policy with strength, not with words."

The statement ominously warned that North Korea will "bolster the military capabilities for self-defense including the nuclear deterrence."

The wording "considerably and strongly hints at the possibility of a nuclear test," analyst Hong Hyun-ik at the private Sejong Institute think tank near Seoul said Wednesday.

Since North Korea successfully launched a ballistic missile in December, there has been growing concern that the regime of Kim Jong-un would follow that triumph up with its third nuclear test.

According to some analysts, the intension is to demonstrate that it has the technology both to build a nuclear warhead and the missile system to deliver it to a target.

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