Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nina Williams looks hot in the new Tekken movie

The live action Tekken movie is looking like it might do the series justice… at least in the costume department. Nina and Anna Williams look very much like their video game counterparts but is that a good thing?
We all remember Mortal Kombat the movie and while I personally love it I also understand how bad it actually is. No matter which side of the
fence you are on with MK you have to admit that for the most part the movie characters looked like the game characters. I don’t have as much vested interest in Tekken but damn, movie Nina (played by Candice Hillebrand) looks spot on! That’s pretty fucking hot!

I’m not going to hold my breathe that this means Tekken is going to be a great movie, but at least it looks like they are on the right track. I definitely wouldn’t kick movie Nina Williams out of bed either – she’s pretty fuckable for a strong chick. Maybe we’ll get to see some hot girl-on-girl sister action if she fights Anna (whose boobs look like they could pop out any minute)…ahhh one can dream right?

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